Disaster Relief Unit

Disaster Relief Unit

Extreme low cost container housing without the container. Instant shelter in versatile highly mobile permanent housing and buildings for disaster relief, overseas missions, international charities, mining, and work camps. For remote building sites absent of any utility infrastructure including state of the art self contained water and sewer systems capable of permanent installation on sloping and unimproved building sites. Earthquake resistant and capable of withstanding tropical storm force winds. Revolutionary new systems for managingsanitation and human waste on a village size scale.


KAP Design Group can provide extreme low cost and durable shelter units capable of economical shipping and fast and easy set up on any site. These units ship exactly like an overseas container WITHOUT using a container. If used in disaster relief, these durable modular units can save lives and increase long term human survival by providing immediate and long term protection from nature's elements.  Built in hygiene and waste management systems enhance survival and promote public health. We at KAP Design Group strive for ultimate customer satisfaction and a cost effective product that will meet or exceed all of our customers needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you.


In the early 1990's Robert S. Allison developed a series of steel frames which for the first time in history made it possible to ship certain rigid cargoes on container ships without using containers (U.S. Pat. #5,193,325).  These frame designs were immediately adopted by leading U.S. manufacturers as the preferred and low cost method for overseas export of finished modular buildings.  In subsequent developments, these steel frames were modified to not only facilitate low cost shipping but then, at the final building site, to operate as an adjustable and permanent building foundation. The adjustable feature allowed for the buildings to be set level on unimproved or sloping building sites ( U.S. Pat. #5,317,857).  Subsequent Allison Patents including US#5,403,055 disclosed new methods for packaging larger building sizes in the standard 20 and 40 foot ISO container dimensions.  More recent improvements have further improved the design of the steel shipping frames to become a critical component in anchoring the building to the ground to withstand hurricane force winds. The internal systems of these buildings including rain water capture, water storage, and waste management systems to promote long term human survival and enhanced public health. 

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Two advanced building types are currently being produced in Ocala, Florida. The first is called a Family Shelter Unit (FSU) and is forty feet long. It is designed to sleep twelve people and includes a rain water capture system and built in 400 gallon cistern.  Gravity delivers captured rain water to a shower, hand washing sink, and food preparation sink which is also large enough for a mother to bathe an infant or small child.   An annual average rainfall of just 50 inches will supply this system with over 10,000 gallons of captured rain water per year or more than 2.5 gallons per person per day.  A waste management system handles solid human waste and controls the product for consolidated handling. A composting system is available as an option. Lighting is provided for by inclusion of a 12 volt battery system which is re-charged daily by a small solar panel on the building's roof.  Durable window shutters are provided so that the building can be secured for tropical weather events. Seed kits, vegetable grow tubs, and other disaster relief supplies can be shipped inside this unit as an option. This housing unit requires no connections to any public utility infrastructure to be fully operational at delivery.  The unit can sleep twelve people and house a central toilet room for minimum use.

The second building type is called a Community Personal Hygiene Unit (CPHU) and is twenty feet long. This building incorporates the same low cost shipping and foundation systems as the FSU with three individual bathroom units which consist of a toilet, shower and hand wash sink. It also includes the identical rain water capture and 200 gallon internal cistern but it is designed as a shower/ latrine facility with the primary goal of managing and consolidating waste. New innovations in this building system include a toilet bowl which separates liquids from solids which helps expedite the disposal process for safe storage and management of human solid waste. This is the only system of its kind and it employs technology to consolidate and transfer solid waste. This unit requires no connections to any public utility infrastructure to be fully operational at delivery.

We recommend that two CPHU units be provided in conjunction with eight FSU units.  These building combinations form the basic network for a village permanently housing 100 people. With the current recession in housing, a number of modular assembly lines in Ocala, Florida are idle. We at KAP Design Group through contractual agreements can produce a large volume of units per day. With in a thirty day period we can produce twenty five to thirty units per week. If the need arises to produce even larger volumes, we can achieve this by activating other idle plants in our region. The same quality and level of excellence will be maintained in all of our units.  It is also noteworthy that our manufacturing facility is in close proximity of shipping ports in Jacksonville, Miami , and Tampa.

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